Fully welded round plate heat exchangers


UniWeld combines the advantages of conventional shell and tube heat exchangers with plate heat exchangers due to its design and construction : high pressure and temperature with small dimensions, high heat transfer coefficients and low fouling. UniWeld heat exchangers are formed by welded round plates installed in a shell, forming 2 separate circuits. There are no gaskets or brazing and all connections are welded, avoiding leakages and interruptions of the production. Opeanble shell for maintenance and cleaning is available on request.

UniWeld – Hybrid
UniWeld-Hybrid are fully welded plate heat exchangers, enclosed in a shell.
This mixed construction is based on the design of the heat-transfer channels, which are on one side in the tube design (shell side) and on the other side in a plate design (plate side). UniWeld Hybrid exchangers utilize in this way the advantage of tubular heat-exchangers (high temperature, pressure resistant and solid construction) and plate heat-exchangers (high heat transfer, minimal space and low logarithmic temperature difference) in a compact system.

•    Design pressure from -1 to 100 bar
•    High heat transfer coefficients
•    Small size
•    Plate thickness from 0.5 to 1.0 mm
•    Low pressure drop
•    Exchange area up to 6000 m2
•    Customized construction for each application
•    Low LMTD
•    Welded or openable shell
•    Design temperature from -200 to +900 °C
•    Lower weight than a traditional shell and tube heat exchanger
•    No gaskets
•    Optimal performance with gases and fluids
•    No brazing

Chemical and petrochemical industry
• Fluid/fluid
• Gas/fluid
• Gas/gas
• Heating and cooling of fluids
• Heating of gas
• Cooling of oil
• Superheated steam
• Cogeneration
• District heating
• Exhaust gas
• Pre-heating of diesel oil
• Cooling of marine engines
• Air heating
Industrial applications
• Falling film evaporator
• Paper mills
• Thermal oil
• High viscosity fluids
• Solvent recovery