Corrugated tubes heat exchangers


Turbolence is the key in heat transfer.
UniTwist corrugated tubes heat exchangers are designed with different geometries in order to increase the thermal efficiency of traditional shell and tube heat exchangers.
Thanks to different types of corrugations of tubes and shell, UniTwist heat exchangers are suitable for non-Newtonian fluids, fluids with suspended particles or high viscosity fluids.
The innovative construction of UniTwist guarantees modest weight and dimensions of the heat exchangers, low fouling, reduced time of product circulation inside the heat exchanger.

UniTwist heat exchangers are designed and built with different materials and finishes in order to meet the customer’s needs.
A variety of fixtures, fittings and connections are available depending on the requirements. Expansion joints, protective plates and thermal insulation are available.

•    Hygienic design
•    High heat transfer coefficient
•    Wide range of pressure variants
•    Suitable for high viscosity fluids
•    Small dimensions
•    Construction for individual applications
•    Suitable for fluis containing suspended particles
•    Usable in temperatures -200 °C to 600 °C
•    Design as required
•    Good self-cleaning effect due to high media velocities
•    Good performance for gas, steam or fluid
•    Use as heat-exchanger, condenser or evaporator
•    Low product flow times for sensitive products

Pharmaceutical industry
• Sterile solutions
• Distilled/purified water
• Injectable liquids
• Hot water preparation
• Heat recovery
• Condensation
• Superheated steam
• Waste water
Food industry
• Yogurt fruit
• Juices
• Fruit and vegetable puree
• Sauces and creams
• Wine and must
• Marmalades and jams
• Evaporation
Industrial applications
• Manure
• Paint and solvents
• Thermal oil
• Cosmetics