High performance gasketed plate heat exchangers


High performance plate heat exchangers consist of a number of plates and gaskets suitable to the fluids and temperatures needed for the respective applications. The alternating pressed plates and channel spacing cause highly turbulence, optimal self cleaning effect and highest possible heat transfer. Use of high-grade materials such as titanium, titanium palladium and other exotic grades of steel ensure the best alternative to the customer. UniGasket heat exchangers are delivered with glued or clipped gaskets : UniLock system allows the retention of the gasket without the use of glue or other adhesives

UniGasket – doublewall
Doublewall heat exchangers consist of twin-pressed plates, forming a narrow safety gap. Should a crack/fissure occur, the fluid escapes into the safety channel, preventing contamination of the adjacent circuit.
UniGasket – semi-welded
In semi-welded plate heat exchangers, the plates pairs of one of the two circuits are welded together to form a fully sealed circuit, suitable for gas, aggressive fluids or high temperatures
UniFlow – deep channel
UniFlow are plate heat exchangers having larger plate gaps without restrictive supports making them suitable for fluids with suspended particles or high viscosity fluids

•    Pressure vacuum to 25 bar
•    Temperatures from – 20 to  170 °C
•    High heat transfer coefficients
•    Compact design
•    High  flexibility
•    Exchange area from 0,03 to 1600 m2
•    Compatibility with various fluids
•    Lower weight compared to shell and tube heat exchangers
•    Plate thickness from 0,35 to 0,8 mm
•    Low LMTD
•    Special constructions
•    High self-cleaning effect due to high turbulence
•    Parallel installation possible
•    Wide range of accessories and fittings
•    Use as heat exchanger, evaporator or condenser
•    Large choice of materials

• District heating
• Hot water preparation
• Radiant heating
• Swimming pool
• Solar
• Geothermal
• Steam
• Thermal Power Stations

Industrial applications
• Chemical industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Process engineering
• Surface treatment
• Biodiesel production

Heat recovery
• Laundries
• Cogeneration

• Pre-heater
• Chiller
• Cooling
• Pasteurizer