Compact shell and tube heat exchangers


The UniCompact range of heat-exchangers is designed and built to take advantage of highly efficient smooth, spiral and helically corrugated tube bundles.Tube bundles are welded to tube sheets, which are integrated in nozzles at the connection flanges.Vessels are made of cylindrical shells, which are enclosed by hemispherical heads on both ends of the heat-exchanger. The nozzles are placed symmetrically on both heads. The optional use of titanium increases the range of process including caustic and aggressive liquids.

UniCompact heat exchangers are flexible and suitable for different applications, including steam, gas and high viscosity fluids These fully welded units require no maintenance and the robust construction and variety of materials ensure a long service-life. The choice and design of the right UniCompact for your requirements will be calculated for you by an expert at UNEX. Thousands of these heat-exchangers have already been supplied and are reliably in use around the world. Depending on your needs, the UniCompact can also be delivered with fixtures, fittings, connections and insulation.

•    Pressure from 0 to 25 bar
•    Compact design
•    High heat transfer coefficient
•    Low fouling
•    Temperatures from -20 °C to 250 °C
•    Complete drainage of heat exchanger
•    Low pressure drop
•    Very good performance with steam
•    Heat transfer area from 0,15 to 35 m2
•    Low maintenance required

• District heating
• Swimming pools
• Hot water preparation
• Solar
• Super heated steam
• Heat pumps
• Steam condensation
• Radiant heating
• Subcooling
• Evaporation
• Condensation
Industrial applications
• Cooling/heating of oil
• Heat recovery
• Distilleries
• Waste water