Drycooler, condensers


Dry cooler

Air coolers are used to dissipate heat from water or other fluids, using air. Besides this application, they can be used to cool down air in air conditioning systems and free cooling. The UniAir range combines several fan diameters and number of motors, the heat exchanger can be made of copper and aluminium or full stainless steel, the casing is usually painted or supplied with anticorrosion paint. The fan table can be vertical or horizontal. UNEX exclusive sizing software helps to calculate the most efficient UniAir heat exchanger, with the lowest energy consumption


For the condensation of refrigerant gases in industrial and commercial installations UniAir condensers are specially designed for outdoor installation and feature low noise levels and weather-resistant frames. The broad range of UniAir includes more than 1500 models with different combinations of fans and motors, tubes in copper and fins in aluminum or full stainless steel, painted frame, anticorrosion treatment. Air flow can be vertical or horizontal

•    Pressure from vacuum up to 30 bar
•    Working temperatures from -20 °C to 250 °C
•    High heat transfer coefficients
•    Compact design
•    Low pressure drop
•    Heat transfer area from 0,09 up to 65,4 m2
•    Good performance for gas or fluids
•    Custom-made construction
•    Low LMTD
•   Low weight compared to other type of heat exchangers
•    Good self-cleaning, due to high media velocities
•    Suitable for parallel installation
•    Wide range of fittings and connections
•    Use as heat exchanger, condenser or evaporator

Cooling and conditining
• Water cooling
• Free cooling
• Food industry
• Deep freezing
• Refrigeration
• Processing rooms

• Cogeneration
• Emergency cooling
• Heat dissipator

• Chemical industry
• Pharmaceutical industry
• Process industry